Only able, meritocracy, learning to use, and comprehensive development. Based on the principle of "employing people and being short-lived", the management system is applied to managers to find the most suitable positions for each employee, and to find the most suitable employees for each position. Strengthen training and learning. Provide employees with the opportunity to train and learn, and take the road of learning-oriented enterprise development. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, we will vigorously carry out three ratios (than ideal, technology, and contribution), Sanchuang (creating a beautiful environment, creating a good order, creating a civilized unit), and commending the winners for their rewards and publicity. A strong learning atmosphere. People do their best to make the best use of it. Follow the "sports and training synchronization, internal and external integration, both ability and political integrity, to give employees the stage of entrepreneurship and development opportunities. Enterprises at any time receive the rationalization of employees, the company and employees interact, form a good atmosphere for the company to treat employees, employees love the company. Management and humanities management combined with the environment and atmosphere, through a variety of ways to cultivate employees' sense of honor and stimulate work enthusiasm.