Cylindrical straight tooth involute spline gauge wins "Zhejiang Manufacturing" certification

2018-12-26 13:46:54 EST Tools Co., Ltd. Read

Recently, the company received the Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification issued by the China Quality Certification Center and the Zhejiang Manufacturing International Certification Alliance. The cylindrical straight tooth involute spline gauge (division circle diameter D≤150mm) successfully passed the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” brand certification. And get 8 certificates. This achieved a breakthrough in the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” brand certification of Haiyan County, and it is also the one that the certification center has passed the Zhejiang manufacturing certification project at one time.

“Zhejiang Manufacturing” represents the highest standard in Zhejiang's manufacturing industry and is an important breakthrough for Zhejiang to promote structural reforms on the supply side. It will become the benchmark for manufacturing in China and the golden sign for the Zhejiang economy. Zhejiang takes standards and certification as the starting point, and leads the high-quality development of “Zhejiang Manufacturing” through the implementation of high standards. With the model of “Enterprise Independent Declaration + Third Party Certification + Government Supervision”, it meets the requirements of high standards and high quality. The Zhejiang products are certified by "Zhejiang Manufacturing". At the same time, after obtaining the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” certification brand, the company can print the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” logo on the certified products, and enjoy the financial support, preferential listing in the listed reserve enterprises, and preferential procurement under the same conditions.

The company started the certification work in May last year. The T/ZZB 0054-2016 "Cylindrical Straight Involute Spline Gauges" developed in September was officially released and implemented. At the end of December, it passed the China Quality Certification Center. On-site audit, in May 2017, the sample delivery test was completed, and in June, the certificate was authorized to use the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” certification product mark. Certification is an extremely rigorous process. Although it is a thin certificate, its gold content is self-evident. It can be said that “Zhejiang Manufacturing” represents the highest standard in Zhejiang manufacturing. The requirements of the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” group standard are far higher than the national standards, and the services of the product life cycle are integrated, including social responsibility, integrity management, and excellent management. During the validity period of the certification, we can use the certification certificate on product advertisements and product promotion materials. We can present the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” certification to the customers during the bidding and product sales process, or on the certified products and their packaging and instructions. Use the certification mark.

Certification is only the beginning, and sustainability is the key. We will maintain the quality of the certified products and continue to meet the Zhejiang manufacturing certification requirements, and achieve quality and brand improvement through strict quality certification system.