New demand, new supply, new power - CIMT2017 China International Machine Tool Show

2018-12-26 13:50:18 EST Tools Co., Ltd. Read

The fifteenth China Machine Tool Industry Festival, the fifteenth China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2017), was staged at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing on April 17-22. China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) is sponsored by China Machine Tool Association and is held every two years. CIMT and the European International Machine Tool Show (EMO), the Chicago International Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (IMTS), and the Japan International Machine Tool Show (JIMTOF) are also called the world's four major machine tool exhibitions.

The theme of this CIMT exhibition is new demand, new supply and new power. 6 days of exhibition, 130,000 square meters, 8 fixed pavilions + 12 temporary pavilions, 1639 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises from 28 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, more than 300,000 people participated in the exhibition. The exhibition is not only a grand event to showcase the world's advanced manufacturing technology and machine tool products, but also an important platform to promote Sino-foreign technology exchange, progress and cooperation. It is also the best window to observe and understand the changes in China's largest machine tool consumer market demand.

The exhibition level and variety and specifications of the exhibition are all innovative. The tens of thousands of exhibits include the main product categories of the main chain, such as mainframe, functional components, measuring instruments, cutting tools and machine tool accessories. Our booth is located at E513 Hall -513. The geographical advantage is obvious, the booth is simple and airy, and the six series of exhibits are carefully selected. Especially the golden knives after the coating are more eye-catching, attracting many new and old customers to visit the booth. communicate with. Important customers such as SAIC Transmission, Tianjin Tianhai, Shanghai Steam Turbine, Deyang Xinrui, Aipusi, etc., fully communicated on some important cooperation matters. Key development customers such as Dalian Volkswagen, HOERBIGER, and CEIWELL have requested and exchanged some current development projects. Tianjin Manlon, Changchun Qianglong and other broach customers focused on the expectations of our delivery. At the same time, during the exhibition, our hobs, drilling and milling cutters, steel plate drills and other products also contacted a large number of new customers, which played a better promotion role and reserved more information for our subsequent market expansion.

In addition to the marketing service personnel to receive customer visits, the general manager, R&D personnel, procurement personnel, some workshops and technicians also came to the exhibition for study and exchange. Everyone made in-depth observations and exchanges on material selection, machine tool equipment selection, industry peer level understanding, and next product development direction, and prepared for the company's sustainable development in the later period.

After another lively and extraordinary Beijing exhibition, after contacting so many new and old customers and the same industry, let us see that the current manufacturing demand is still very strong, and the market competition is also more intense. Everyone is on the supply side. Improvements to meet increasing customer needs. Only by working harder can we adapt to the current market competition and achieve greater development!

Yao Haifeng May 19, 2017