Conduct safety production month activities, improve employee safety awareness, and prevent accidents

2018-12-26 13:46:02 EST Tools Co., Ltd. Read

In order to implement the spirit of the Notice of the State Council Security Committee Office on the implementation of the 2017 National “Safe Production Month” and “Safe Production Miles” activities, the theme of “Strengthening the Red Line Consciousness and Promoting Safe Development” is our theme. The “Safe Production Month” activity was launched from January 1st to 30th. The purpose is to deepen the awareness of safety and production responsibility of all employees through safety production and education activities, and to better implement “safety first, prevention-oriented, comprehensive management”. "Safe production work policy," with the concept of "scientific development, safe development", further strengthen and improve safety production, and continuously improve the safety awareness of the company's entire staff, based on this activity to prevent major accidents, control and reduce small The accident rate has reached the goal of stable operation of the company's safe production.

First, the leadership attaches importance to responsibility

In order to strengthen the organization and leadership of this safety month event and ensure the effective development of safety activities, the company's safety production committee and trade union are responsible for the specific organization and implementation of this safety month. The company's security committee has formulated the relevant activities according to the actual situation of the unit and implemented the relevant departments and personnel responsible for implementation. At the same time, in order to ensure that the safety publicity and education, safety inspection, supervision and management work is deeply penetrated into all departments and workshops of the company to ensure safety activities. The quality of implementation is divided into publicity and education, safety inspection, supervision and management. The specific division of labor is responsible for the safety education of the Ministry of Human Resources in compliance with the law and care for life. The workshop directors are responsible for carrying out safety production inspections and hidden dangers investigations for the department. The company safety officer is responsible for the safety use management training of hazardous chemicals and the implementation of liquid ammonia leakage emergency. Rescue and environmental protection drill specific affairs, responsible for the accident warning picture display and collection and summary of the safety hazards found in the safety inspections of various departments, and assisting various departments to carry out rectification of hidden dangers, to the deputy general manager and general manager of the safety of the major safety hazards found Reporting is discussed by the company's senior leaders.

Second, carry out various forms of publicity and education activities

The Human Resources Department in charge of safety publicity and education and training; earnestly organized safety publicity and education work, organized a number of safety education and training, and implemented three levels of safety education training for 20 new employees in June alone, and carried out various forms. The workshop and team safety education activities, a total of 350 employees participated in the safety operation procedures and safety production system, labor discipline, anti-three violations and other education, while training the operation skills of various types of work, greatly improving the safety awareness of employees And safe operation skills. In order to effectively ensure the quality of education; all the employees who participated in the training were given a written examination after the safety education, and achieved good results and achieved the intended purpose. During the event, we used the safety warning sign and the safety production publicity picture to expand the content of the safety production. The total number of workshops in the event increased by more than 60 types of logos and 11 safety education posters. Vivid and active forms of safety education activities fully mobilize employees' self-protection awareness and self-awareness of obeying discipline.

Third, organize accident emergency drills, improve the risk prevention awareness and emergency rescue capability of all employees

In order to strengthen the emergency disposal of hazardous chemicals and the self-rescue and mutual rescue capability of employees, during the “Safety Month” activities, the company selected the heat treatment workshop as the key safety precautions. On the morning of June 17th, all the employees of the workshop (30 people) Carry out training on the safe use management of hazardous chemicals. Immediately after the training, the liquid ammonia leakage emergency rescue and environmental protection drills were carried out. Through the drills of safety education and training and emergency rescue plans, the accident prevention awareness and accident rescue of the heat treatment workshop staff were improved. With the ability to dispose of, the effectiveness and operability of the emergency plan were tested, and the company's accident warning and emergency response mechanism was improved.

Fourth, take the security month as an opportunity to effectively solve the existing problems

In the safety production month activities; all departments found 16 safety hazards in self-examination and self-inspection. Among these hidden dangers, employees violated safety operation rules and labor discipline, and some workplace safety management was not in place. The economic punishment can be rectified on the spot, and the rectification within a time limit that cannot be solved at one time is submitted to the company's leaders for consultation on some difficult issues. While supervising the safety inspections and hidden dangers of various departments, the company's security committee specially dispatched personnel to set up inspection teams, implemented a special safety assessment throughout the plant, and effectively ensured that there were no omissions, no dead ends, full coverage of safety inspections, and improved the company. The four-level safety inspection system ensures that the company's various safety management systems are effectively implemented. In order to ensure the effective application of our fire-fighting equipment in special incidents, the fire-fighting equipment was also inspected. The fire extinguishers that were expired and the fire extinguishers that could not be used were replaced. A total of 20 fire extinguishers and 8 new fire extinguishers were replaced. 6 sets of fire-fighting suits and 8 sets of fire hydrant wrenches were added to provide effective equipment support for preventing and handling fire accidents.

Practice has proved that the safety production month activities are necessary, and the extensive nature of safety publicity activities has enabled more employees to understand safety knowledge, master more safety skills and common sense, and urge everyone to pay more attention to safety production in their thinking. Safety awareness has helped a lot and created a strong safety learning atmosphere in the company. This year's "Safe Production Month" event was strongly supported by the company's leaders and all employees. All workshops and departments carried out various safety production education and safety culture construction for the purpose of "strengthening the safety foundation and ensuring the safe development of enterprises". The activities have enhanced the safety awareness and accident prevention and disposal capabilities of the staff of the company, strengthened the safety culture construction of the grassroots team, and consolidated the safety basic management work, laying a good foundation for the company's safe development.