The leader of the modern efficient and sophisticated tool industry (Jiaxing Online News Network)

2018-12-26 13:54:05 EST Tools Co., Ltd. Read

From a small tool company with only a dozen ordinary equipment 20 years ago, to one of the most comprehensive enterprises in the complex tool and precision gauge industry in China, and has become the leader of the modern efficient and sophisticated tool industry. What is the secret of Feng Tools Co., Ltd.’s rapid growth?

"Remember the social responsibility of the company to the country and employees, practice the scientific concept of development in an innovative spirit, and constantly develop and lead the healthy, harmonious and sustainable development of the company." This is the oath of the chairman of the company, Chen Errong.

Create an innovative team with your body as a model

Chen Rongrong graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University in the early years. He has served as the workshop director and deputy director of Guiyang Tool Factory, the director of Guiyang Tool Factory Haiyan Branch, the general manager of Jiaxing Hengfeng Tools Co., Ltd., and the chairman of Hengfeng Tools Co., Ltd. He has also served as the deputy director of the Complex Tool Sub-Committee of the National Tool Standardization Technical Committee and the leader of the Workgroup of the National Standardization Technical Committee of the Measuring Instruments. He has been engaged in technology for decades and he has put "innovation" The word is deeply branded in the heart.

"To be the norm, the party is the norm for others." Nearly seventy years old, he is still busy in the production and technology front line, operating companies directly managing production for 30 years, the average weekly work of up to 60 to 70 hours. "In the development of the enterprise, we must cultivate a first-class management team, build an excellent workforce, build an innovative team, and establish a talent advantage, so that the company can maintain its position in the industry and maintain long-term development." Chen Errong said.

Under the leadership of Chen Errong, the company has always regarded technical talents, management talents and sales talents as the key targets for training, and established the Hengfeng EST CNC precision cutting tool research and development innovation team. In 2011, the team was awarded the second batch of key enterprise technology innovation teams in Zhejiang Province, and was received and certified by provincial leaders. At present, Hengfeng Tools has become an advanced enterprise in the establishment of harmonious labor relations in Zhejiang Province, a model of the professional ethics construction of employees in Zhejiang Province, and an advanced collective enterprise in Jiaxing City.

For more than 20 years of development, the core team of Hengfeng Tools has been sticking to its position. Despite the continuous upgrading of the machine, the innovative team that undertakes the research and development tasks has always remained stable and has become the biggest support for enterprise innovation.

Fill the gaps in the industry and lead the industry

"In recent years, China has vigorously developed gas turbines. Due to technical limitations, major domestic large-scale steam turbine plants have only been able to import large-scale complex high-precision wheel-slot broaching machines from abroad, and at the same time import a large number of precision combined broaches for machining. It is a high-precision and high-efficiency combination broaching tool for steam turbine manufacturing. It is not easy to develop and process this product. The product has to go through dozens of processes. There are countless uncertain factors behind each process. What is even more difficult is that Every process can't have the slightest flaw, otherwise the processed wheel and the tool will be scrapped, and a wheel blank will be worth nearly 2 million yuan." Chen Errong said.

Chen Errong led the enterprise innovation team with great pressure, meticulous organization, overcoming numerous difficulties, and finally successfully produced qualified products to meet the technical quality requirements of users. In 2013, the “Precision Combination Broach for Turbine-type Turbine-type Wheel Groove Processing” won the title of the first domestic (set) product in the key area of equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province in the year, filling the gap in the domestic tool industry and becoming Jiaxing. The first domestic (set) product in the city's first equipment manufacturing sector.

Up to now, Chen Errong has led the company to undertake more than 20 national and provincial new product plans, presided over (repair) 6 national standards, industry standards, and obtained 3 national invention patents, and also won the scientific and technological progress of Jiaxing City. First prize, Jiaxing Mayor Quality Award, etc.

According to reports, the current enterprise products include two major categories of six series, six series of products in the broach, spline measuring tools and other products in the competitiveness of the country is far ahead of the status. The CNC precision broaching tools produced by Hengfeng Tools account for more than 30% of the national market share; the spline measuring tools have been the first in the industry for many years, and have gradually replaced imported tools in the domestic automotive industry.