Heat treatment liquid ammonia leakage and environmental protection emergency drill

2018-12-26 13:45:15 EST Tools Co., Ltd. Read

In response to the "National Safe Production Month" to implement the "Safe Production Law" and "Hazardous Chemicals Management Regulations", the company conducted a hazardous chemicals management and safety emergency drill for all employees of the heat treatment workshop on June 12.

The heat treatment workshop is a special workshop with many risk factors, electric shock, explosion, burns, fire, poisoning, etc. Everything like a time bomb has been a problem. The company's leaders and all the staff of the workshop have always attached great importance to the safety of the heat treatment workshop. The company specially arranged for Master Shi to explain the management and hazards of hazardous chemicals, let us know how to properly use and manage hazardous chemicals, and the need for hazardous chemicals. Double reception. Double billing. Double double lock. Double transport. Management principle for double use. Ammonia gas hazards and emergency methods have also been explained in detail. Master Shi uses a large number of practical cases to fully explain the hazards of hazardous chemicals during the lecture. Just two hours of classes can be said. Let us benefit a lot.

In order to let everyone effectively master the ammonia leakage treatment method, we conducted an emergency drill after class, simulated a sudden ammonia leak at the work site, and a person with ammonia poisoning fainted, the staff found after reporting, repair. Rescue. Prevention, everyone's division of labor is clear, each has its own duties, step by step is very in place, a short half-day time let us know how to use correctly, management of hazardous chemicals also have a detailed emergency plan for how to deal with ammonia leakage.

Safety is more important than Taishan. The accident is fiercer than the tiger. Safety production is not only responsible for itself, but also responsible for the family, responsible for the company and responsible for the society. Let us join hands and work together to make this a good security.

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Wang Qiongjiang