2017 Haiyan County Waste Sorting Skills Competition

2018-12-26 13:48:09 EST Tools Co., Ltd. Read

Garbage is called “misplaced resources”. It is necessary to correctly classify wastes in order to improve the utilization of these resources, thereby improving economic efficiency and reducing environmental pollution. In order to improve garbage classification and environmental awareness, the County Federation of Trade Unions held the “Sixth Staff Skills Operational Games Second Division Waste Sorting Operation Skills Competition” on the afternoon of Sunday, May 20, 2017. There are 15 teams in the county. The contestants entered. The teachers of the pre-match county general vocational school carried out lectures on garbage reduction classification knowledge and super-utility knowledge of garbage classification, which enabled the players to have a deeper understanding of how to distinguish and correctly recycle hazardous waste, non-recyclables and recyclables. The four players of our trade union team won 100 points in this competition. This activity is of great significance to guiding everyone to promote the “green revolution” of garbage classification and to crack the “garbage siege”.