Comrade Cai Haibin won the first prize of the 7th Staff Skills Games "Maintenance Electrician"

Actively carry out employee training, build a multi-platform, strive to improve the technical and operational capabilities of employees, and at the same time establish a high-quality technical talent evaluation system, incentive mechanism and employment mechanism oriented to "performance, ability and contribution", and give full play to the leadership of party members. The role of the masses to dedication, love, post, dedication, post study, and talent.

Conduct in-plant technician assessment, factory-level work-level assessment, and organize skills operation competition. The quality wins and the 5S winners are evaluated every quarter. The company has continuously carried out three selections of obvious employees, and strongly commended a group of employees who work diligently, work hard and have outstanding achievements in their respective positions. At the same time, they have encouraged more employees to stand on their own jobs, work hard, and learn from the example. .